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what to look for during possible latency

i work as a support engineer and i was asked to look into some network problems on our system. As i have no real knowledge to speak of when it comes to network latency issues ( if it is the network ) i might require some help.

The setup is as followed, i have 3 different camera's hooked up to a pc. All go first trough a netgear switch and enter the pc trough a Ethernet-to-usb dongle ( as by design ). Now when all 3 camera's are on the first one has a response time of about 15seconds when send a command to capture.. that should be a second max. When i disconnect camera 2, the first one works fine.

Now they think it is something with the network, is that something wireshark can be used for? If yes, that what should i be looking for?

Thank you for your time. MrC.