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Wireshark tcptrace graph missing the packets (blue) and sacks (red) lines ???

Hello everybody, I would like to have your help with an issue im facing while trying to graph tcp using the tcptrace graph. The thing is that I can't see the Packets (blue) or the SACK (red) lines. I found that it could be because i was not zooming good enough but that is ruled out, i zoomed as close as i could and still not seeing those lines.

I also compaed the output with someone else wireshark and the remote graph was indeeed showing these lines

I'm using wireshark on a mac and my wireshark version is 3.2.2 but also checked on another computer running version 2 showing the same issue.

I would not be surprised if im missing something but haven't been able to figure out what it is exactly, hope any of you have had this issue already and can help me out

Thank you all in advance