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How to upgrade from v1.10.14 to latest one

with my OS repo (a kinds of centos/fedora), it only support v1.10.14 as the latest, this is quite old one

how to upgrade wireshark to newer version?

I tried below 2 approaches:

(1)try update the repo mirror, then yum install -- not work (2)download wireshark src and build --

Abort on error Not found path / files

/tmp/wireshark-2.6.17/packaging/rpm/BUILDROOT/wireshark-2.6.17-1.x86_64/usr/local/share/doc/wireshark/guides glob: /tmp/wireshark-2.6.17/packaging/rpm/BUILDROOT/wireshark-2.6.17-1.x86_64/usr/local/lib64/wireshark/plugins/2.6/*.la

Can someone help?

(1) any workable mirror repo for centos/fedora like OS for newer wireshark upgrade? (2) any robust instruction of wireshark build?

Thanks so much!!