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Possible Bonet/MITM/Spam attacks. pcapng analysis

Hello there!

I hope someone can help me here with a possible issue on my private networks (work and home):

So, I ran Wireshark again today (v.3.2.3) during part of my work schedule (about 5h) and noticed there's a repetition of behaviour (packets transmitted/types) from certain devices on my local network(s)(router, laptop, other devices) from previous scans I did that seems to indicate that something is off... Maybe a botnet/spam/DDOS attack, I don't know. Notice that only me and my boss are working together at the office (max 4 devices connected at a time. 2 laptop + 2 smartphones). The office is in the 2nd floor of a building where there are many other small companies located, like ours.

I uploaded the capture and a few more files, please feel free to check:

From the capture we can see there's a big number of TCP out-of-order segments coming and going mainly from/to ports 443/3220 and, likewise, there's a huge number of Duplicate ACK(#1) and errors:

This transmissions seem to be mainly between the router and my laptop (HuaweiTe_0d:48:12 - router, HonHaiPr_31:87:75 - laptop) and many public IPs, some unknown.

Then there is an unknown device that appears to be arp storming the private network:

When I try to ping this it says it's "unreachable":

There's seems to be another device doing the same, which is "unreachable":

Then, my own laptop is constantly sending ARP packets like this:

I opened XARP sometime later to check for ARP poisoning attacks. Somehow there's an host on IP with the same MAC-address as my work router (e8:bd:d1:0d:48:12):

Putting that IP on the browser is the same as accessing the Gateway settings (HG8247H Huawei login page). I researched that IP and found this: - Reported as spam (checking with IANA on this)

This is just some samples of the alerts given by XARP:

Checked my laptop arp table and the router has dynamic type for MAC:

What might be the issue? How to solve it and track who's doing it?

Best regards!