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Adjusting Bit order and Endianess in LUA between Dissectors


before I start my endeavor a quick check with the experts. I have an iWARP/RDMA trace, but apparently the HBA/NIC is sending the DDP/RDMA header already in host-bit/byte order (x86) and not according to RFC5040 (et al).

The built-in C-dissector for iWARP naturally can't detect that as proper iWARP traffic (was able to specifically bind the tcp port to the dissector in LUA, but due to the erraneous bit- and byte-ordering, the dissector cann't deal with it.

Here the Q:

Is it possible to have a Lua Dissector in between built-in C-dissectors, and how can I bind a built-in dissector to the output of my lua dissector? I plan to have Lua reverse the wire-bit/byte order to the expected litte-endian bit/byte order of all IETF described fields, so that the iWARP dissector works properly...

Best regards, Richard