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Reason for Reset from Client

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to troubleshoot an issue where the client is sending a Reset packet absurdly. Background of the issue:-

--> Issue happens for multiple users randomly. --> User is trying to connect to a VPN (VPN connection with firewall gateway) and it just disconnects mostly in less than 5 minutes. The traffic from the user is going through a proxy but the gateway's IP is bypassed from the proxy and the connection for the VPN happens directly between Client and VPN gateway. --> The problem here is that it works fine when we remove the proxy. Although, the traffic for VPN gateway goes without proxy in the non-working scenario.

Taking a look at the Non-working captures, I see the client sending an RST packet randomly. I see the client send the reset in a few miro- milliseconds. In the second capture, I see that on 224, the client sends an out of sequence packet and the next packet we received from the client is Reset .

Another thing to notice in both captures is the ACK number sent from the client (which is very high). Is it an expected behaviour.?

Also, from a working capture for another user through the same proxy, there are no issues. Since the VPN works fine without proxy, we need to find a conclusion here.

Below is the link for the file (password - 'Password':-

Note - File is sanitized.

Regards, Harneet