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How to determine reasons for slow Internet/network performance

Hi team

I hope someone is able to help me out with a problem that's beginning to generate more and more noise.

We have an office in Hong Kong. Internet traffic goes out via a local Bluecoat proxy and out through local Internet breakout. For the past 7 days, they are reporting that Internet has been very slow between the hours of 2pm-6pm HK time - that's 7am-11am UK time.

I've checked with the ISP and carried out thorough checks on the Bluecoat and everthing appears to be ok. I downloaded some packet captures from the Bluecoat itself but cannot see anything obvious (I'm fairly new to Wireshark). Would you be kind enough to have a look through and see if there's any clue as to what may be causing these issues please?

Many thanks in advance.