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Query on wireshark terms/license

  1. We are building an X application that will personalise the wireshark (using some secure handshake mechanism). Which means the wireshark code will be modified.

  2. We are building a Y application that uses tshark. Tshark code is not modified but application uses tshark by instantiating existing tshark as is.

Now I have questions related to wireshark GPL license.

For case 1, do we have to publish the changes that we make to wireshark? I think we have to, but it will be good to get a confirmation. Does this also mean that we need to publish the source code (or binary) of X application?

For case 2, is it obligatory to publish the source code (and/or binary) of Y application?

If we must publish our code, is there a mandate on some specific ways to publish the source code (binary) such as maintaining github project ?

While I went through the license page, I could not get clarity on this.

Thanks in advance. Amit