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Printer Error

I am new to this community. I was looking forward to Sharkfest in KC.

I have the PCAP on a ShareSync/SecuriSync but don't know if it is copacetic to put links to files on here. If so I can put up the link. Setup is the print server, is sending the print job over our VPN (we have no other issues with over 80 sites) to printer You can print other files to this printer over the VPN. And I can print this exact file to the same printer model and driver in another location. The TCP window gets negotiated at 1360 and the stream follows that guideline. After the handshake there are just a plethera of ACK's followed by a RST from the printer. I'm stumped. Admittedly I don't understand how to interpret these and as a network administrator that is embarrassing. But that is why I am trying to get into these communities and go the Sharkfest. I am unable to upload any files yet as I don't have enough points yet. Thank you for any help!