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How do I get my PC to reflect/send back Ethernet pkts it receives?

I have a sophisticated Ethernet network tester device I am trying to use to test a new commercial 100Base-T Ethernet circuit from Verizon and need to put something at the other end to reflect/echo back the packets my tester sends it, so my tester can compute statistics (bandwidth, bit errors, latency, etc.). Basically a much more sophisticated PING test. Can Wireshark be configured to reflect back out the packets it receives on an Ethernet interface? It would be nice if it updated the MAC and IP fields before reflecting, but I think my tester can handle the same MAC/IP in the send/receive packets. The network is a simple point to point network. No network equipment except my tester and whatever I put at the other end to echo/reflect (PC?).

I was thinking I could use a loopback connector like I do for T1 circuits, but my Ethernet link light never lights with an Ethernet loopback connector.