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tcp.flags.str explanation

Is there an explanation or mapping of TCP flags (tcp.flags.str) somewhere? I have Googled and searched the RFCs without luck. I am a data scientist without a networking background, working with networking data.

For example, what does xc2 mean in the following?

<field name="tcp.flags.str" showname="TCP Flags: \xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7A\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7" size="2" pos="46" show="\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7A\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7\xc2\xb7" value="5010"/>