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Extract specific byte offset using tshark

I have a pcap of ICMP packets. I am trying to use tshark to extract the payload data so that I can extract a specific byte offset.

The tshark documentation is highly convoluted, especially for me, a beginner.

I've been searching around a lot and I'm trying to piece together a command for the purpose of my goal.

I can run the following command:

shark -r test.pcapng -Y icmp -z flow,icmp,network > output.bin

But it only outputs the packet list as it were shown in Wireshark.

For example, I am trying to extract the following byte offset from each packet (offset 22):

enter image description here

How would I go about extracting a specific byte offset with tshark?


Issuing the following command only returns a portion of the payload data, how can I get all of it?

tshark -r test.pcapng -Y "frame.number == 13" -T fields -e data -w output.bin

enter image description here