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Wireshark PCAP Query

Hello. I'm currently into an issue whereby internal LAN users are experiencing extremely slow response times and performance when accessing an external website. When this website is accessed from a non-network environment it works fine which points to it being an issue on our network.

From the errors I'm seeing in Chrome Developer tools, the issue seems to be pointing to the proxy server.

Summary below: External website: Proxy Gateway:

I've made a couple of changes this morning. I've enabled an 'Any' rule for the purposes of testing. Also, on the proxy, I've set a static bypass on the proxy for all traffic going to the external website. So in theory, it should all be hitting the firewall rule and being allowed out.

I ran a packet capture this morning and noticed TCP syn is set to 1. Is this correct? Can anyone see any other issues in this pcap file that I may be missing?

Any assistance would be gratefully received.

Many thanks B