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How to get value of attributes from tshark

Hi Team,

I am facing issue in retrieving values corresponding to attributes in zigbee zcl layer. I am not sure how to traverse through attributes to get their values in report: For example: From below mentioned data, I need to get values corresponding to attributes. Value is in form of Uint24,uint48,uint32 etc

Attribute Field, Uint: 1087943
    **Attribute**: Client: Functional Notification Flags / Server: Current Summation Delivered (0x0000)
    Data Type: 48-Bit Unsigned Integer (0x25)
    **Uint48**: 1087943 (0x00000000001099c7)

Attribute Field, Enum8: 1
    **Attribute**: Unit of Measure (0x0300)
    Data Type: 8-Bit Enumeration (0x30)
    **Uint48**: 1 (0x01)

Attribute Field, Uint24: 2126776
    **Attribute**: Current Day Alternative Consumption Delivered (0x0c01)
    Data Type: 24-Bit Unsigned Integer (0x22)
    **Uint24**: 2126776 (0x2073b8)

I need to get attribute and their corresponding value(uint24/uint48) & export to csv file.

Please assist.

Thanks & Regards, Neha Malhotra