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Packet interception implementation


I'm a second year University student, currently taking up Computer Networks class.

We were asked to implement a small cient-server protocol. The client sends packets and the server receives it. We should then use Wireshark to see the packets being transmitted at both client and server hosts.

I managed to do the above.

A subsequent task is to make the Client to send split payloads and the server merge payloads into a single packet before Wireshark sees them. On the client side wireshark should send multiple packets being sent, however on server side, wireshark shoul see a single merged packet.

My understanding is that Wireshark already captures packets at a very low level. How can we implement code that is at an even lower level than wireshark? Or, at least, code that is processed before the network packets reach wireshark?

Lastly, how difficult would it be to implement the functionality above? I do not have C programming skills in case tweaking Windows drivers are necessary. Virtual machines can be used without restrictions.

All the best.