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Sniffing MacBook Pro 2018


I tested sniffing QoS Data packets of a MacBook Pro (2018) with a TP-link Archer C7 V5 (with Openwrt firmware) - using a Comfast CF926 WiFi dongle, and could not hear anything (except occasionally very few packets).

I am rather sure I was on the correct channel (I control the TP Link, and checked for RTS/CTS transmissions being successfully captured.), and put myself in line of sight.

What could be the reason, my trusty Comfast WiFi dongle failed on me this time ? This issue kind of worries me I can't capture anything I want, even when in line of sight of the transmissions. Is there a technology gap between the dongle and the MacBook pro ? I looked it up but couldn't pinpoint the issue.

Any ideas of where to look would be appreciated, I'll attempt the capture again sometime to ensure I did not mess anything up during the capture.

Thank you.