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Newbie question

I am trying to capture unicast UDP data between three devices on my local private network (10.x.x.x.) All of these devices are sitting on my desk, so signal strength is not the issue. The capture device is a raspberry pi running kali linux (Sticky Fingers Kali-Pi). wlan0 is connected to the same local private network (10.x.x.6). The gateway is 10.x.x.1. My goal is to capture data between a device on the same network (say, 10.x.x.3) and the gateway (10.x.x.1). For this I am using a separate USB wifi (wlan1 = panda wifi), and I have enabled mon1 on that device.

  • When I capture through wlan0, I can see UDP packets destined to the kali box, as well as UDP broadcast packets. These all look fine, and the data fields are all there.

  • When I capture through mon1 (which is in monitor mode), I am seeing lot of stuff from the entire neighborhood, but none seem to have UDP. Furthermore, most of them are "probes" and "beacons" and none of the packets seem to have data fields.

  • when running 'airodump-ng mon1' I see that my private network host (10.x.x.1) is on channel 1, so I ran 'airodump-ng -c 1 mon1'. Then, when I invoke wireshark on mon1, I can see the UDP packets and the datafields, but only those destined to the kali box and broadcast. I can also see a few other probes and beacons, but I am not able to see the UDP packets between another device and the gateway.

Any help or leads on this would be appreciated.