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No HTTP protocols in Captured Scan

Details: Brand New download of wireshark 3.2.1. All default settings. Running a live capture no filters of web traffic results in only TCP packets captured. NO HTTP packets are present.

Reading through the numerous other posts from users experiencing this same issue shows that this is a problem which is not being addressed. So far i have read over 10 lackluster responses where this issue is completely neglected. I would upload a file, would this site even allow me to. So let me describe what i see.

I have a capture over 4 seconds. Navigating to I can see the handshake with EVERY PACKET from then on forward is TCP or TLS. I see no HTTP packets whatsoever, and again this is all default settings.

My question is how do i get wireshark to recognize HTTP traffic. for a third time, this is all default settings.