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Map LLRP capture info to display filter?


I have captured network traffic includes LLRP transactions. In the "Info" column there are descriptions like: (Get Reader Config), (Get Reader Config Response), (Delete AccessSpec), (Keepalive), and more.

I would like to apply display filters to this. Through trial and error, I have figured out how to filter on, Get Reader Config, Get Reader Config Response, & RO Access Report.

The trial & error method is tedious. The issue for me is that the descriptions in the "Info" column do not reflect anything about the filter name. Is there a way to map these to make finding the correct filter easier?

For example, I have:

Low Level Reader Protocol

...0 01.. = Version: 1.0.1 (1)
.... ..00 0011 1110 = Type: Keepalive (62)
Length: 10
ID: 36225

I would like to filter out these from the display with llrp.xxxxx.yyyyyyy. The only filter with the phrase "alive" in the filter list is "llrp.param.keepalive_trig_type". BUT, this does not filter the Keepalive packets I have captured. Instead, "llrp.param.keepalive_trig_type" displays "Set Reader Config" & "Get Reader Config Response".

Is there a simple way that these "Info" descriptions and filter selections can be mapped\related?