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problem compiling wireshark under Windows

Hello. I try to generate wireshark project to visual studio project(VS 2019) after updute from 3.0.6 -> last version received through the git. And when start generate cmake project I get error: 1> [CMake] Extracting brotli-1.0.2-4-win64ws\scripts\buildsystems\vcpkg.cmake
1> [CMake] Extracting brotli-1.0.2-4-win64ws\scripts\cmake
1> [CMake] Extracting brotli-1.0.2-4-win64ws\scripts\cmake\vcpkg_get_windows_sdk.cmake
1> [CMake]
1> [CMake] Sub items Errors: 1
1> [CMake]
1> [CMake] CMake Error at C:\Scripts\wireshark_positive\CMakeLists.txt:120 (message):
1> [CMake] Windows setup (win-setup.ps1) failed.