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ESMC - extended QL TLV


According G.8264/Y.1364 if a clock in an option 1 network supports both the QL TLV and the extended QL TLV, it should set the SSM code and the enhanced SSM code according, and send both the QL TLV and the extended QL TLV. Both TLVs shall be sent in one ESMC PDU.

In wireshark QL TLV is ok. TLV Type, TLV length and SSM Code are as expected.

But I'm having a problem with extended QL TLV saying that Timestamp is invalid?!

Accoring to this table from G.8264 4. octat number of extended QL TLV should represent enhanced ssm code which is in this case 20, but as you can see from first picture that octate (and 3 more following) are assigned to Timestamp!?

Does someone knows is Wireshark supporting extended QL TLV, or the problem is in something else?

Link to a .pcap file:

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