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ssl certificats and loopback networks how am i connected?

Good morning I have a question about the attached images of SSl Certificates and also why does my computer tunnel all internet traffic through Hurricane electric and their tunnel service. I have tracked internet connections from Ohio (where i live) to The University of Hawaii ? Medial Center (doctor zach) its connecting to the university by WLAN or their campus wide internet connection. How is this completed? I'm not sure that i will get a response back due to the cyber terrorist that are dragging every one onto their "network" i have sent in numerous emails and voicemails to the FB CIA and all the other government acronyms to try and get help for what seems to be something like man in the middle attacks. but more to a complete worldwide security breach where their isn't anything safe and secure anywhere anymore. But if you do respond, or have to get a hold of me 5135127830. - chris rigling