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802.11 decryption on Wireshark 3.0.7

Hi everyone,

I think that this will be a very dumb question, but here I am, stuck at my packet capture. Little background:

These are my first steps in sniffing and packet captures. I 've made a packet capture of my wifi network, with airodump and obviously my Wireless NIC in monitor mode. Wireshark shows all the packets, correctly encrypted. There is also a good looking 4-way handshake. I direct myself in Edit->Preferences->Protocols->802.11 Radio/Radiotap and... No "enable decryption" switch.

Same situation on two different computers, one Mac and a Kalibox.

I forgot to enable something different? Why there's no place to enter the passphrase? where is it gone? Am I crazy? :-)

Thanks to everyone will respond... Even after a good googling around all info found gave for granted that there is a preference panel where you can enable decryption and insert keys... it it gone? No more sniffing for us? Is life so sad?