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Wireshark trace - timeout problem

I have following setup (as visible in the attached image):

A (java process) -> B (kubernetes ambassador proxy) -> C (java service in kubernetes pod)

Communication is done using HTTPS between A and B, and then ambassador strips HTTPS and continues talking HTTP with C.

The problem I'm experiencing is that sometimes, it happens that HTTP BODY message that is being sent is not transmitted 100% between A and B, but only on B side trace I can see that it stopped for some reason (in trace on A side it is shown as all is sent OK). Then, java process in C (which is waiting for B-proxy to forward all the data) is just waiting and time-outs after 30 seconds.

You can see in the image attached, in A trace it is written that whole BODY is sent, but in trace on the B side, only half of BODY is visible (delivered). I suspect on these TCP Previous segment not captured.

You can also see that after this it just waits for 30 seconds, and times-out.

It happens pretty often in my setup. Does anyone knows what could be a problem?

enter image description here