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tshark -T ek: export certain fields including frame_raw doesnt work

Hey folks, I've spent quite a lot of time braining this out, but I can't seem to figure out how to solve the Problem.

I need certain fields like


but ( for example) not


plus I need the frame_raw (-x flag), but when I use this command it does not work:

tshark -T ek  -e eth.dst -e eth.dst_resolved -e... -e...  -x -r ../caps/trace_00049_20191116001454.pcap

The output does not contain the frame_raw / -x.

When I use the -J option (to export as json), I use this command:

 tshark -T ek  -J "ip" -x -r ...

I cannot figure out how to convert my filters from "wireshark" terminology to the required terminology for json.

-J "ip" gives me everything in layers.ip, and I cannot narrow it down. Any ideas?