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random data going to broadcast

Hi , I am analysing a PCAP and some random Data is going to the Broadcast Address and also the Gateway Broadcast X.X.X.255.

I don't have access to the host to see which service it is generated from but from port searching in the internet it seems that traffic to Gateway Broadcast X.X.X.255 ist service encore with port 1740. Can't seem to find what this service does! Also the same is happening in Port 1741,1742 And 1743. Pakte Bytes are c50b400100100061

Traffic going to Broadcast IP is generated on Port 49166 and Dst 27127 both unassigned Ports and has this byte stream. baf35b2f7e03757d6f0f29533327c637726d9f336a75766cf988504080726166f6732adc53

I've tried all the Decode and Show As Options from Wireshark but cant seem to know what it is. Has someone had the same Problem maybe?