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AskBot sort by activity does not consider comment times

(I didn't see another question where it was appropriate to add this as a comment.
Not expecting an answer - just a link to the AskBot forum where it's discussed.)

"Should added comments bump question to the top of the recently active list?"

"The OSQA ask site we formerly used and ran treated comments as activity, and essentially everyone I know who used the site liked and preferred that behavior over the current treatment of comments with our new Askbot site. In our view, comments are activity and do provide value. I understand after reading the answers and comments posted here that not everyone agrees with that. Fair enough. It would be really nice if we could be given the choice of whether to include comments as activity or not though, because many of us do desire that exact behavior. Please reconsider and add an option that would cause comments to be included in activity. Thanks for reading.

cmaynard gravatar imagecmaynard ( Dec 1 '17 )"