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Kafka protocol update available?

Hi, I've just downloaded the latest Wireshark for Mac OS and am using it to view Kafka traffic.

The kafka protocol component is outdated though, as it's unable to deal with the Kafka API versions being used by my software. I see in the decoded packets the following info for each of the different Kafka API keys.

Kafka (OffsetCommit v4 Request)
    Length: 208
    [Response Frame: 1494]
    API Key: OffsetCommit (8)
    API Version: 4
        [Expert Info (Warning/Undecoded): Unsupported OffsetCommit version. Supports v0-3.]
            [Unsupported OffsetCommit version. Supports v0-3.]
            [Severity level: Warning]
            [Group: Undecoded]

Is there somewhere I can get an up-to-date Kafka protocol decoder?

thanks, Chris