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mac capture monitor-mode empty

I have a network, which has 2 nodes (a phone, a MacBook) both are connected to same wireless network, I know the SSID and password for the wireless network:

  • password: mypassword
  • ssid: myssid
  • security: WPA2 Personal

My Capture Interface Settings: (Wi-Fi: en0)

  • default buffer size 2 MB
  • link layer header type: 802.11 plus radiotap header
  • monitor mode: checked
  • promiscuous mode: checked

My Wireshark - Preferences (Under Protocols > IEEE 802.11)

  • Reassemble fragmented 802.11 datagram packets: checked
  • ignore vendor specific HT elements: unchecked
  • call subredisetor for retransmitted 802.11 frames: checked
  • assume packets have FCS: unchecked
  • Ignore the protection bit: Yes with IV
  • Enable WPA Key MIC Length Overrride: unchecked
  • WPA Key MIC Length override: 0
  • Enable decryption: checked
  • decryption keys:
    • key type: wpa-pwd
    • key: mypassword:myssid

I start capture mode, but unlike this post: I'm not able to get any packets! If I make a call to from my macbook, nothing gets listed. I would expect Wireshark to be able to pick that up.

I've also tried to:

  1. turn my phone and turn back on to reconnect to the network

  2. make an HTTP request to

But this didn't log anything either

I have no filters present. I've also checked out and, but I must be missing something.

Any thoughts on what could be going wrong? Is there any more information that I can provide?