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Capturing USB traffic in macOS Catalina

Hi guys,

Found an earlier post about opening USB interfaces in wireshark (

However, it seems that in macOS Catalina this is not possible as when running the ifconfig to pull the USB interface up it gives: ifconfig: interface HSO20 does not exist

Has anyone found a way around this? My tcpdump -D is here showing the interfaces:

1.en0 [Up, Running]
2.p2p0 [Up, Running]
3.bridge0 [Up, Running]
4.awdl0 [Up, Running]
5.llw0 [Up, Running]
6.utun0 [Up, Running]
7.vboxnet0 [Up, Running]
8.en1 [Up, Running]
9.utun1 [Up, Running]
10.en2 [Up, Running]
11.utun2 [Up, Running]
12.utun3 [Up, Running]
13.lo0 [Up, Running, Loopback]

Thanks David