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TCP DUP ACK/TCP Retransmission flood my network

Hi, I did a wireshark capture and discover that i have a huge tcp dup hack on my network. It occurs mainly with a wsus in hyper-V on a proliant Ml30-gen9. In this capture i was using VNC (port 5900) to communicate with wsus (ip 10.5), my ip is 10.100. I have got tons of red and black line on my vlan 10 even if i dont use VNC. This problem create problem, big spykes in my all my network, making disconnection for Internet or connection to local server dropping. 10.2 is the gateway for vlan 10

bare metal proliant ML30-gen 9 with 2 NICs: - 1st NIC 10.7 is a windows server 2016 and ILO - 2nd NIC for Hyper-v running wsus (10.5) in external mode)

Here is a capture:

I already ask to a network engineer, with spent 5 hours reducing broadcast,storm control and stuff on switchs (cisco 2960 1Gb, running last firmware) without success.

I already have some "TTL expired in transit" with pinging my main rooter 0.1 (vlan 1).

Someone has an idea ?