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MacOS Server SMTP Negotiation Issues

I was wondering if someone could help me with an issue I'm having with negotiating a SMTP connection. I'm attempting to establish a SMTP connection from my Lorex NVR to my macOS Server (v 5.6). I'll attempt to attach a screen capture. In it, you can see that everything look nominal until you get to packet #13. In packet #12, the Lorex is asking the server for a 'AUTH LOGIN' authentication. Instead of responding with the base64 Username prompt as it should, it responds with it's hostname (packet #13). This causes the Lorex to immediately QUIT the connection (packet #14). But, then, after the QUIT request, the server provides the base64 Username prompt, only it's too late. Have anyone ever seen this? It doesn't seem to follow the SMTP protocol - everything I've researched says that the proper response should always be the Username prompt. Any help would be much appreciated.



P.S. Sorry, I just saw that I don't have enough 'points' to actually upload the screen capture. It's too bad because I think it's really needed for context.