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Wireshark and proxy not playing well together?

Here at work we use a proxy system. Works OK. I light up Wireshark, and it all breaks. Nothing connects, and I get nasty messages "can't find web page, etc...". I then try to quit wireshark, and it still is "crashed". Nothing but a reboot will cure anything. I read in the old place that someone was having problems like this, but saw no resolution.

Some info: Windows 10. Any browser (I tried all 4 of them, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Explorer), all with same results. I don't even need to connect to an interface. The tasks relate to using Wireshark to analyze streams piped into it (from another machine). and just opening up wireshark to its first window is enough for it to all come falling down. I really don't want to lose connectivity while doing analysis. I do note that EXISTING connections seem to be OK. I was on a WebEx and talking nicely when this first started. After the start of Wireshark, it all went down. I just downloaded this, so I should have the most recent version (3.x). I'd check the version, but I suspect I couldn't finish this online report if I did.