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Is this a DDoS?

Hi, I created a game server to play with some friends, and other people just started randomly connecting to my server, then by the time I had about 20 people on my server I start to have severe connection problems, the first symptom was that everyone on Discord suddenly sounds like a robot, then everyone on the game server complains about lag and suddenly half the server gets kicked for Steam Auth: Failed. The computer is brand new, my internet is 200Mbps Down/100Mbps Up fiber so I knew it wasn't about my specs or connection and after some google searches I was sure I am being DDoS'ed. When I look at Wireshark I see a lot of 67 byte connections from random IPs with Source Engine Querry, but maybe I get that every time a player gets my server visible from their ingame server browser? The game is Rust, by the way.!VQIglK6S!Jn01mSUmTRLb8MTY9BWGaUrt5qGUvTg8cY84t8GKhxU