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How to register a packet dissector for packets whose port are not pre-defined?

Hi Team,

My protocol has two phase - 1. Control phase 2. Measurement phase.

The responder node would by default open a port at number ABC



During the control phase, initiator asks the responder node to open a port at no. "Y"



Now I need to write a packet dissector to dissect this kinda packet. What i know is we can register a packet dissector in wireshark framework against a particular port number. So when wireshark finds a packet it looks for the dissector which has registered for that port number and call that dissector to dissect that packet.

So now if i register my dissector at port number ABC, then it can dissect control packets. however, my measurement phase packets wont be associated with port number ABC, my dissector wont be triggered to handle those packets.

So how can I register my dissector to dissect both the kinda packets?

Thanks and regards, Darshan L.