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following a trace on WS, from a PCAP written by another prog.


A short description of my setup:

A Raspberry-pi with a LoRa receiver, here I am continuously dumping the received LoRaWan packets to a PCAP file, after each received packet I write the content to a PCAP file and fflush the buffer.

The PCAP file is stored on a samba folder on the RPi.

The shared folder is accessed by a windows PC, where wireshark is opend.

What I am looking for is to view the LoRa capturing in real-time from my wireshark.

Problem: As you might already have guessed, then this is not working I need to close and reopen the file each time I need the latest capture. I dont know if this (real-time monitoring) is possible or am i missing something / some feature that might help me out here?