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LoRaWan PCAP, wireshark not able to interpret

having trouble getting wireshark to open my pcap file. I have wireshark 3.0.3, installed and I am using LoRaWan tap as defined here:

my pcap header looks like this:

pcap_header[0] = 0xa1; //PCAPH_MAGIC_NUM
pcap_header[1] = 0xb2; //PCAPH_MAGIC_NUM
pcap_header[2] = 0xc3; //PCAPH_MAGIC_NUM
pcap_header[3] = 0xd4; //PCAPH_MAGIC_NUM
pcap_header[4] = 0x03; // PCAPH_VER_MAJOR
pcap_header[5] = 0x00; // PCAPH_VER_MINOR
pcap_header[6] = 0x00; // PCAPH_THISZONE
pcap_header[7] = 0x00; // PCAPH_SIGFIGS
pcap_header[8] = 0xFF; // //PCAPH_SNAPLEN_1
pcap_header[9] = 0xFF; // //PCAPH_SNAPLEN_1
pcap_header[10] = 0x01; // LORATAB1
pcap_header[11] = 0x0E; // LORATAB2

my loraTap header looks like this:

loratap_header.lt_length = sizeof(loratap_header);
loratap_header.lt_version = 0; = 125000; = p->freq_hz; = p->datarate;
loratap_header.lt_padding = 0;
loratap_header.rssi.current_rssi = p->rssi;
loratap_header.rssi.max_rssi = p->rssi;
loratap_header.rssi.snr = p->snr;
loratap_header.rssi.packet_rssi = p->rssi;
loratap_header.sync_word = 0x34;

when I receive a LoRa frame I create a "loratap_header" as specified from "Eriknl, git" and dump the frame after it. everything is dumped to a xxxx.pcap by "fwrite(...)" in C code

when I open the pcap i get the following error

"The file "The file "log_trace.pcap" contains record data that Wireshark doesn't support. (pcap: network type 1208090624 unknown or unsupported)"

any idea of this error? wireshar should support LoRawan according to