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Detect network issue

Hi all. I'm quite new about network and facing some SharePoint application's performance issue which I think might be related to network

Currently, the topology is as below

Client <-> Proxy server <-> App server <-> Database

The issue is that users sometime see long loading time, which can take more than 30s. To detect root cause, we run Wireshark on Proxy and App server. However, because I'm new to network, when looking at log records, I don't know how to identify requests which take long time to response, or which can cause long loading issue. I tried http.time filter as well as TCP delta time but not sure if they're correct things to follow. As far as I understand, the connection between Client <-> Proxy and Proxy <-> App I should look for HTTP request; and between App <-> Database I should look for TCP request since there's no HTTP here. If there's a request which take high response time from Proxy -> Client, it might be due to high response time of subsequent request between Proxy <-> App <-> Database. Is it correct ?

I'm very appreciated if you guys can instruct me how to investigate logs in correct way