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HTTP packet not showing in monitor mode (rtl8812au)

Hello there,

I'm trying to demonstrate the network sniffing of an HTTP connection.

I have a RTL8812AU (USB wireless adapter).

I set it to monitor mode, and I verified it IS applied when capturing packets.

I also set the WEP key and enabled the decryption, so Wireshark can decrypt the packets.

When capturing the traffic, I DO SEE the normal traffic going on (unencrypted). But it looks like not all HTTP traffic is correctly captured (I used another device, connected to the same access point to access http websites).

I see sometimes some HTTP packet, but most of them or .PNG/.GIF/Javascript/CSS files. I just have seen once a HTTP 200 OK in html. Most of the trafic is not showing up. And I did test different HTTP websites, with different devices, all connected to the access point.

My question is: how is it possible that only some HTTP packets get captured? I also installed the driver (realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms) on my Kali machine. Wireshark version and Kali version are the latest.

Any help would greatly be appreciated! Regards.