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issue with Mellanox NIC on recent Ubuntu

This is not a wireshark issue.

Wireshark 2.x works with Mellanox ConnectX-4/ConnectX-5 in my Ubuntu 17.10 (kernel 4.13) PC.

However, it doesn't work in Ubuntu 18.04 (kernel 4.15) or Ubuntu 18.10 (kernel 4.18). It can capture the normal IP packets. But it won't show any RDMA (RoCEv2) packets. I also tried tcpdump and it shows the same issue. But once I replace Melloanox NICs with a QLogic NIC (41000 series), then wireshark is able to capture all the packets.

I am using inbox driver for all these NICs. There are technical reasons that prevents me from moving to Mellanox OFED driver.

I contacted Mellanox. But they didn't help and they disabled my account. :-(

So I am hoping I can get some help here.