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Use display filter functions in column definitions

I can create a display filter to display frames with more than one expert info:


Would be nice to be able to add a column count( to sort on and have available when analyzing.

There doesn't seem to be a length field for tcp.options so a column len(tcp.options) would be nice. TCP options aren't broken down into occurrences so something like count(tcp.option_len) (doesn't count NOPs) to compare different TCP handshakes.

Don't have a use case for upper, lower or string but include for completeness? Each use would be standalone - not dependent on other packets or fields - so maybe just an extension of the column definition language?

6.4.6. Functions
The display filter language has a number of functions to convert fields, see Table 6.7, “Display Filter Functions”.
Table 6.7. Display Filter Functions
Function    Description
upper        Converts a string field to uppercase.
lower        Converts a string field to lowercase.
len            Returns the byte length of a string or bytes field.
count        Returns the number of field occurrences in a frame.
string        Converts a non-string field to a string.