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Modbus on UDP


Why Wiresark still not decode Udp Port 502 as Modbus ?

A long time ago a Wireshark version did (some years ago). It as been removed, saying it's not in the specification.

But Udp port 502 for Modbus is today implemented on All Wago Plc (also using broadcast), Eurotherm EPack device (Schneider Electric now !) , Kepware OPC DA-UA Server, Schneider Advantys ETB IO Block Modules (even if it's not says in the documentation !). ... and certainly a lot of others devices all arround the world, a simple request on Internet shows Matrikon, Janitza, Beckhoff, B&R, Phoenix Contact

And unfortunatly one cannot use the decode as function, Modbus is associated to TCP so it do not appears in the proposed list.