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Custom sub protocols registering with a custom protocol's dissector table

Hi, I am writing lua dissectors for a) A custom protocol b) A (many) custom sub-protocols.

In the custom protocol:

The custom protocol can be used with its registration to the udp.port. DissectorTable.get("udp.port"):add_for_decode_as(CUSTOM_PROTO)

It creates a table for the sub protocols to register with dissectorTable ="myCustomProtocol", "Custom Protocol");

In the custom sub-protocol:

The custom sub-protocol tries to register with the custom protocol DissectorTable.get("myCustomProtocol"):add_for_decode_as(CUSTOM_SUB_PROTO)


When loading the dissectors at startup, wireshark says "bad argument #1 to 'get' (DissectorTable_get: no such dissector_table)"

What am I doing wrong/not doing?

Thanks Madhav.