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Why can't I capture other device's packets on the network?

At the ethernet packet level, I can only see packets between my router and my computer. At the IP address level, I can only see packets with my computer's IP address as either the destination or source address. I can't see any communications between the router and another computer (at the ethernet packet level) or between any 2 other computers on my network (at the IP address level). And this is despite the fact that I put a tick in the check box for promiscuous mode, for my wi-fi adapter in the Wireshark adapters settings, and made sure to select that adapter as my capture adapter. An yes, I'm using the latest NPCap driver installed by the Wireshark installer.

I'm not sure what's wrong. I'm guessing it may have something to do with the fact that my router is using WPA2 encryption, instead of being unencrypted (like an "open" wireless network). Or maybe I need to use a wired connection (rather than wireless connection) when connecting my packet inspection computer to the router. Can anybody here tell me what's wrong? And how do I fix it?