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Can't Capture Logins

Hi all.

I have the latest version of Wireshark installed (3.0.2). I have this at home on my personal computer/ network and am just trying to get the hang of it. My aim is to monitor my kids when they're using their devices on our wireless network. Maybe I'm being a little too nosy and intrusive but I don't care ;)

I found a tutorial on YouTube that's not too old: link text; publish date is January 31, 2019.

To experiment, I'm using the very same computer that I have Wireshark installed on; it's not like I then go and use another, separate device like a laptop or tablet that's on the same wireless network. I launch the program and by going to the Toolbar I click on Capture/ Options, and I make sure it's checked to be in Promiscuous Mode.

I then click the button for "Start Capturing Packets". Next, I launch a web browser and go to a web site where I have to login with a username & password.

After using my username & password to login, I then go back to Wireshark and click on Stop Capturing Packets. Then, according to the video tutorial at the 4:20 mark, I click on Edit/ Find Packet, change the Display Filter to "String", and then type in to the right of it "post" and click "Find".

Now in the video tutorial, he finds a "post", double-clicks to open it, and in there is an HTML Form which when he expands to open it, shows the login name & password that he had used on a web page. When I myself try it to look for the login name & password that I had used on that web site......nothing shows up.

In the video after that 4:20 mark, he also mentions that instead of entering "post" next to String, that you can also try "login"; I tried that, too, but no returns on that, either.

Anybody have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Something I'm missing?

And remember: this is not even testing Wireshark by using a separate device (laptop, tablet) that's on the same personal network in our house; I'm trying this test on the very same computer that Wireshark is installed on.

Perhaps I'm looking at the wrong tutorial on YouTube? :-p If you know of a better tutorial....please send it my way :)

Thanks for any info; Pez