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ZigBee3 protocol dissector and not correctly recognized cluster 0x0B04 Electrical Measurements

Dear all, I'm currently working with Wireshark 3.0.2 and I've noticed that the dissector for ZigBee is not able to correctly understand the cluster 0x0B04 about the Electrical Measurement cluster, here below the Simple Descriptor Responce for the part of interest:

ZigBee Device Profile, Simple Descriptor Response, Nwk Addr: 0x687e, Status: Success
Sequence Number: 4
Status: Success (0)
Nwk Addr of Interest: 0x687e
Simple Descriptor Length: 36
Simple Descriptor
    Endpoint: 2
    Profile: Home Automation (0x0104)
    Application Device: Unknown (*** DELETED ***)
    Application Version: 0x0010
    Input Cluster Count: 9
    Input Cluster List
        Input Cluster: Basic (0x0000)
        Input Cluster: Simple Metering (0x0702)
        Input Cluster: Identify (0x0003)
        Input Cluster: Alarms (0x0009)
        Input Cluster: Unknown (0x0b04) <--- NOT CORRECTLY RECOGNISED !!!
        Input Cluster: On/Off (0x0006)
        Input Cluster: Groups (0x0004)
        Input Cluster: Scenes (0x0005)
        Input Cluster: Device Temperature Configuration (0x0002)
    Output Cluster Count: 5
    Output Cluster List
        Output Cluster: Basic (0x0000)
        Output Cluster: OTA Upgrade (0x0019)
        Output Cluster: Time (0x000a)
        Output Cluster: Identify (0x0003)
        Output Cluster: Occupancy Sensing (0x0406)