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Keep-Alive Packets after FIN

I have started to capture TCP packets with wireshark.

    I'm using chrome for my testing:

        I have sent a http request to my local tomcat server.

        I have seen TCP handshake and data packets in wireshark.

        The server closed the connection by sending FIN flag,after 20 sec. Server's Keepalive timeout is 20 sec.

        But after sometime(45 sec) client is sending keepalive packets to server and server acknowledging the same. After 45 sec client is sending another keepalive packet, this time server responds with RST flag.

Chrome Packet

    I have tried the same in firefox

        In firefox the trace is completely different

        Keep-Alive packet has been sent after 10 sec.

        Server sent the FIN,ACK after 20 sec and client immediately responds with FIN,ACK.

Firefox Packet

        My Question is:

            Why Keep-alive packet is sent from chrome, after server closing the connection? And why the server is acknowledging since it's already closed ?

            Why the RST packet was not sent for first keep alive packet itself(in chrome)?

            Why the FIN,ACK was not sent from Chrome?

PS: I'm new to networking and Wireshark. Please correct me if anything wrong.