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Linking packets in a dissector

asked 2019-05-16 15:10:19 +0000

dottedmag gravatar image

updated 2019-05-16 15:22:02 +0000

I am writing a dissector for ZWave serial port protocol, and I would like to link request/response packets somehow in UI.

The protocol does not have request/response IDs, but it says that responses to requests come in the same order they were sent, so it ought to be possible to match them. It also provides for "callback ID"s on requests that expect asynchronous responses in addition to synchronous acknowledgments, so some asynchronous responses can be matched to earlier requests, though these IDs can be reused.

I have read developer's guide about dissectors, but haven't found a way to say "this packet is a part of this request/response/multi-packet sequence". Is that possible? Have I missed some piece of documentation?

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answered 2019-05-16 16:04:52 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

Not (currently) in the Developers Guide, but among the many useful files in the doc subdirectory of the source, you will find README.request_response_tracking that should help you out.

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I see that tracking requests/responses is based on addresses/ports. Should I do the manual tracking if I need things like "This is a response to a previous request of <this> form in outbound direction"?

dottedmag gravatar imagedottedmag ( 2019-05-16 18:37:52 +0000 )edit

That comment refers to conversations in general. In the example shown, the linking item between the packets in the conversation is the seq_num which is used as the key in the hash table.

grahamb gravatar imagegrahamb ( 2019-05-16 19:40:37 +0000 )edit

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