How to compile JUST a dissector plugin on Windows?

asked 2019-05-14 19:53:32 +0000

updated 2019-05-14 21:38:21 +0000

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Hello All,

Is it possible to compile JUST a dissector plugin? I don't need to compile the entirety of Wireshark, or even the core package. I just need the dissector. Wireshark binary was installed by corporate, and I can use the UI to load the dissector under help->about.

If not, what is the absolute minimum config to build a dissector?

I've tried setting everything in CMakeOptions.txt to OFF, but the build still attempts to download npcap (getting blocked by a proxy).

Alternatively, is it possible to build without npcap?

Thank you! Sincerely, Keith

ps First post! :^)

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