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Save or print dialogs (expert information, statistics) to text

asked 2019-03-13 02:45:47 +0000

I am using Wireshark 2.6.5 on mac. I need to provide information to others who don't have it

is there a way to print the displayed info from dislogs like Expert Information Statistics etc to text so that I can share that in a report?

eg in Expert information I am missing a 'Copy' (which appears in Statistics, but it's missing 'text' format too)

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answered 2019-03-13 03:04:28 +0000


You should be able to perform a right click on any lines in the expert information and see a "Copy" menu.

The expert information is taken from different parts of the packets.

If you are interested in certain messages only then you can try to filter out these packets using Display Filters.

You can then use the print function and setup the details the way you want to show the expert information.

You'll be able to print and choose to print the details "As Displayed."

You can also use the Expert Severity itself as a filter: == Chat

Hope this helps.



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